2023/24 Seasonal Influenza and Covid-19 Vaccination programmes

2023/24 Seasonal Influenza and Covid-19 Vaccination Programmes

24-hour Retirement

24-hour retirement (SSLMCs guidance June 2014)

BMA Locum Practice Agreement

This letter contains information relating to the new developed BMA Locum Practice Agreement which is available on the BMA Website. BMA Locum Practice Agreement SSLMCs March 2019

BMA Updated Guidance on Access to Medical Records to include SARs requests

Access to Medical Records to include SARs requests (BMA Guidance Update October 2018) This guidance sets out a range of circumstances in which health professionals may receive, and respond to, requests for access to health records. It reflects the common enquiries received by the BMA. The...

Central Alerting System : Use of Docman 7 with Electronic Data Transfer enabled

The attached guidance outlines the problems identified if a practice is currently or in the past have:- Used NHS Mail to receive communications Used Docman Version 7 Had the EDT function enabled to transfer documents into the patients electronic records. Use of Docman 7 with electronic data...

Certificates for School Absences and Missing Exams

GPs are not contractually obliged to provide a sick note for pupils who are off sick from school, nor are they obliged to provide sickness certification for students who miss an exam or believe their performance was affected due to illness. The provision of medical certificates for...

Changes in dispensing fees

Changes in dispensing fees

Chief Executive's Report - 2014/01 - January/February 2014

Chief Executive's Report - 2014/02- March/April 2014

Chief Executive's Report - 2014/03 - May/June 2014

Chief Executive's Report - 2014/04 - July/August 2014

Chief Executive's Report - 2014/05 - September/October 2014

Chief Executive's Report - 2017/05 - September/October 2017

Chief Executive's Report 2018/02 April /June 2018

Chief Executive's Report- 2018/01 - January/March 2018

Clinical Peer Review of Referrals

COVID -19 Financial Considerations in relation to the 2020/21 GP Contract Agreement

Financial Considerations in relation to the 20/21 GP Contract Agreement PCN Scenario Dear Colleagues Please find a letter from the LMC containing the link to the GMS Ready Reckoner developed by the GPC in collaboration with NHS England to enable GP practices to better understand the...

Debt and Mental Health Form (DMHEF)

A new Debt and Mental Health From has been introduced from 1st October to enable patients who need evidence of a mental health condition as part of seeking help with their finances. Detailed guidance is available on the Money Advice Trust Website and attached is a letter providing a summary for...

Delivery of the Extended Hours Access requirements of the PCN DES

The LMC has received and responded to numerous queries in relation to the delivery of the Extended Hours elements of the PCN DES which have now been collated and referenced to the contractual position which the LMC hopes will be helpful to all PCNs. Delivery of the Extended Hours Access...

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS)

Two Supreme Court judgements made in March 2014 significantly increasing understanding of what, legally, constituted the deprivation of a person's liberty. As a result, since Coroners are required to be informed of and/or hold an inquest into any death whilst in custody or in detention...

Diagnostic Spirometry in Adults

Diagnostic Spirometry in Adults (SSLMCs October 2017) The NHS is establishing a National Register of certified healthcare professionals to assure the competence of those who undertake and interpret diagnostic spirometry which will be used to ensure spirometry testing meets the standards of the...

Disclosure and Barring Service

DBS checks should be undertaken on all clinical staff and, where appropriate, non-clinical staff whose duties include direct patient contact, eg a receptionist who acts as a chaperone or looks after the children of patients during consultations. DDRB Review (SSLMCs April 2017) DBS code of...

Drug Driving

In March 2015 a new offence of driving with certain, specified controlled drugs in excess of legally defined levels in the body came into effect. This offence is in addition to laws then in force relating to drug (and alcohol) impaired driving and fitness to drive. The regulations relating...

Ear Syringing - Irrigation and Ear De-Waxing Guidelines

Ear Syringing - Irrigation and Guidance (LMC 17.1.18) Attached is a letter from Dr Parker regarding Ear Syringing including ear de-waxing guidelines.

Ear Wax Syringing and Irrigation - Update

Ear Wax Syringing and Irrigation - Update (LMC June 2018)

East Sussex - NHS Health Checks

NHS Health Check Incident Summary (NHS Public Health East Sussex November 2017) Action for managing affected patients - Family history QRISK2 EMIS (NHS Public Health East Sussex November 2017) Action for managing affected patients - summary of process and NICE Guidelines (NHS Public Health...

Electronic Referral Service (eRS) Update

Dear Colleagues Please find attached an information letter form the LMC providing an update on the Electronic Referral Service. Electronic Referral Service Update (LMC 23.4.18)

EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)

The EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) has been introduced across the European Union to address the increasingly common issue of falsified medicines entering the legitimate medicines supply chain. Falsified medicines include those with little or no active ingredients, the wrong active...

Expectations in relation to Care and Extended Hours and the reasonable needs of patients

Care and Extended Hours (LMC June 2018)

Firearms Licensing Arrangements

Firearms Licensing Arrangements01117 Firearms MoU (18.7.19) gp-proforma Attached is an advice letter from Dr Parker which highlights the new arrangements for firearms licensing. The letter contains a number of background references.

Frailty Batch-Coding

Frailty - Batch-coding (SSLMCs October 2017)

GP ACCESS:- expectations in relation to core and extended hours

The attached LMC guidance letter covers three important elements which are Extended Hours DES, "Reasonable needs" of patients and Sub-Contracting Arrangements. Attached is a letter from Dr David Geddes, Head of Primary Care Commissioning at NHS England. (December 2017) GP Access

GP Contract Agreement 2019 LMC Updates

GP Contract Agreement 2019 LMC Updates SSLMCs February 2019

GP Contract Agreement April 2019 - Update February 2019

GP Contract Agreement April 2019 LMC February 2019

GP Indemnity Arrangements - Update

GP Indemnity Arrangements LMC January 2019 This is an interim update for all GP practices in relation to indemnity arrangements; the Secretary of State continues to assure General Practitioner Committee representatives that the Government remains committed to introducing a State backed...

GPC England response to NHSE plan to improve access and support to general practice

GPCE response to NHSE plan to improve access & support general practice

GPC Update to LMCs - May 2019

Guide to offering patient access to detailed online records

This guide is designed to provide GP practices with the support and guidance required to offer patients online access to their detailed coded record. It is intended as a generic guide as there may be differences in the actual process according to the clinical system that the practice has in...

Important message for Vision Practices Only

Dear Colleagues Important message for Vision Practices only. I enclose two important messages for Vision practices relating to automatic submissions via GPES using the SNOMED CT codes, which are being used within NHS Primary Care from April 2018. Vision practices have two options, details of...

Individual GP Level Data Collection via CQRS

GP Level Data Collection via CQRS (SSLMCs October 2017)

Interpretation and Translation Service

Interpretation and Translation Service (SSLMCs July 2017)

LMC Line 131 - December 2017

LMC Line 134 August 2018

LMC Line 135 - November 2018

LMC Line 136 - January 2019

LMC Weekly update from GPCplus a supply update

Attached is a weekly update from the GPC along with a supply update. GPC Weekly update to LMCs with a supply update

Measles Outbreak across Surrey & Sussex further information

Further information on the measles outbreak across Surrey and Sussex (LMC 19.4.18)

Medicine Supply Update - November/December 2018

Medicine Supply Update - November/December 2018 This report has been produced by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) Medicine Supply Team and covers new issues, on-going issues, eye drops/treatments, resolved issues, vaccines and discontinuations.

Medicines Compliance Aids (MCAs)

National Data Opt Out

National Data Opt Out (LMC May 2018)

New GMS1 [Patient Registration] Forms

Guidance from Dr Parker on the new GMS1 [Patient Registration] Forms New GMS1 Forms Guidance SSLMCs October 2017

NHS England Guidance re Over the Counter Items - Guidance for CCGs

NHS England Guidance for over the counter items (SSLMCs April 2018)

NHSE Guidance re conditions for which OTC items should not be prescribed in primary care

Guidance re OTC prescribing in Primary Care (Surrey & Sussex LMCs April 2018) Conditions for which OTC items should not routinely be prescribed (Surrey & Sussex LMCs April 2018)

Opening Hours Guidance in relation to Extended Hours DES

Opening Hours Guidance (SSLMCs July 2017)

PCSE Bulletin - June 2019

The PCSE June GP Bulletin contains information on the following:- PCSE Bulletin - June 2019 PCSE Registration Guide Patient registrations Returning supplies GP Pensions update Transfer of the Cervical Screening Administration Service to the NHS Customer Feedback Contacting PCSE

PCSE February GP Bulletin - Pension Special Bulletin

Attached is the PCSE February GP Bulletin which covers:- End of year pension arrangements - Deadline approaching Type 2 Medical Practitioner 'Amnesty Form' and historical certificates for GP Providers (Type 1) and non GP Providers PCSE GP February Bulletin PCSE February

Performance Lists - Retirement

Dear Colleagues Performers Lists – Retirement Please notify PCSE and NHS England of any changes to your status, contact details, retirement etc, by completing and returning the relevant forms to PCSE. This is particularly important in the case of retirement, as without the NPL3 (Change of...

Personal Injury Discount Rate

Personal Injury Discount Rate (SSLMCs May 2017)

Practice Managers - FAQS

FAQS This FAQ sheet covers:- Access Medical Records - Fees Blue Badge Reports Clinical Waste Supplier Indemnity Fees New GP Starting - Pensions, Performers Lists etc Overseas Patients Staff Occupational Health

Primary Care Support England - Medical Records Phase 3 Records Roll Out

FYI I attached the latest PCSE releases on the roll-out of the long awaited new medical records collection and delivery process. Phase 3 coverage includes London and the East of England GPs. Go Live Letter (PCSE November 2017) PCSE New Process (PCSE November 2017) Timetable for roll out...

Primary Care Support England - Updates 2016 and 2017

As the service provided by Primary Care Support England has developed regular updates have been received and are attached below:- Updates received 2017 PCSE Update - November GP Payments and Pension administration - October Administration and Changes to the National Performers Lists -...

Primary Care Support England - Updates 2018

Primary Care Support England - July 2018 Update The items covered in this update include:- How to notify PCSE of a change to practice details GP payments and pensions - reminders Coming soon: New online form for all urgent medical record requests Planned downtime of Exeter Systems Registering...

Primary Care Support England - Year End Pension Communication

Pensions Admin Letter PCSE January 2019 Pension Admin Guidance Flyer PCSE January 2019 Important update for practitioners and GP practices regarding pension administration Dear Colleague, Annual end of year pension administration Annual pension forms should be available to download from...

Primary Care Support England GP Update - September 2018

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults: General Practice Reporting

The LMC letter contains advice relating to the issue of payment for safeguarding reports, and where necessary attendance at case conferences which has been an issue for the LMC and General Practitioners for some years, with payment arrangements across the LMC Confederation being piecemeal and...

Standard Operating Procedures Update May 2021

SOP Update May 2021

Supply issues update for Primary Care for July 2018

The role of the GP in caring for gender-questioning and transgender patients - RCGP Position Statement

RCGP Position Statement - Role of the GP in caring for gender-questioning and transgender patients The LMC receives on-going queries from GPs in terms of the role of the GP in providing care for both gender-questioning and transgender patients. There has been conflicting advice in recent...

Vaccine ordering for influenza season 2018 - 19

Vaccine ordering for influenza season 2018 - 19 (SSLMCs February 2018) Vaccine ordering for influenza season 2018 - 19 and FAQ (NHS England February 2018) The documents attached above include a letter from the SSLMCs on vaccine ordering for the 2018 - 19 influenza season with an accompanying...

Winter Access Fund (Croydon, Kingston and Richmond)

Winter Access Fund (Croydon, Kingston & Richmond)