24-hour Retirement

BMA Updated Guidance on Access to Medical Records to include SARs requests

Central Alerting System : Use of Docman 7 with Electronic Data Transfer enabled

Certificates for School Absences and Missing Exams

Chief Executive's Report - 2017/05 - September/October 2017

Chief Executive's Report 2018/02 April /June 2018

Chief Executive's Report- 2018/01 - January/March 2018

Clinical Peer Review of Referrals

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS)

Deregistration of Patients

Diagnostic Spirometry in Adults

Disclosure and Barring Service

Drug Driving

Ear Syringing - Irrigation and Ear De-Waxing Guidelines

Ear Wax Syringing and Irrigation - Update

East Sussex - NHS Health Checks

Electronic Referral Service (eRS) Update

EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)

Expectations in relation to Care and Extended Hours and the reasonable needs of patients

Frailty Batch-Coding

Further guidance for 2018/19 Flu Season (25th September 2018)

Further Update: Seasonal Flu Immunisation Programme 2018/19 (26th September 2018)

General Data Protection Regulation - Children Access

General Data Protection Regulations Update: Privacy Notices

General Data Protection Regulations - LMC Secretariat Presentation

General Data Protection Regulations - Requests from Solicitors, Insurers and Employers

General Data Protection Regulations Documents from the SCW CSU

General Data Protection Regulations Update

GP ACCESS:- expectations in relation to core and extended hours

Guide to offering patient access to detailed online records

Important message for Vision Practices Only

Important Update - Flu Immunisation Season 2018/19

Indemnity Insurance - Update

Individual GP Level Data Collection via CQRS

LMC Line 131 - December 2017

LMC Line 134 August 2018

LMC Line 135 - November 2018

Measles Outbreak across Surrey & Sussex further information

Medicine Supply Update - November/December 2018

National Data Opt Out

New GMS1 [Patient Registration] Forms

NHS England Guidance re Over the Counter Items - Guidance for CCGs

NHSE Guidance re conditions for which OTC items should not be prescribed in primary care

Opening Hours Guidance in relation to Extended Hours DES

Performance Lists - Retirement

Practice Managers - FAQS

Primary Care Support England - Medical Records Phase 3 Records Roll Out

Primary Care Support England - Updates 2018

Primary Care Support England GP Update - September 2018

Season Flu Programme 2018 - 19 Update: Update

Seasonal Flu Programme 2018/19 Update

Supply issues update for Primary Care for July 2018

Vaccine ordering for influenza season 2018 - 19