Disclosure and Barring Service

DBS checks should be undertaken on all clinical staff and, where appropriate, non-clinical staff whose duties include direct patient contact, eg a receptionist who acts as a chaperone or looks after the children of patients during consultations.

DDRB Review (SSLMCs April 2017)

DBS code of practice (DBS November 2015)

If applicants are not registered with the DBS Update Service, applications for DBS checks need to be made via an umbrella body. 

SSLMCs practices who are members of the of the LMCs Buying Group can apply for DBS checks via the Group’s DBS Checks Processing Service. Please note, as below, that DBS checks for GP partners must be made via the CQC DBS checking process.


DBS Update Service

By registering with the DBS update service, applicants can keep their DBS certificates up-to-date online and employers can also check certificates online.

DBS Update Service Employer Guide (DBS August 2015)

DBS Update Service Applicant Guide (DBS August 2014)



All GP partners and registered managers need to complete the CQC DBS check process.

The CQC does not currently accept certification through the DBS update service.

Whilst applications for CQC DBS checks can be made via the Post Office CQC Disclosure Website, it is necessary to attend a local Post Office to produce ID for verification and to pay the relevant processing fee, currently £61.50, which must be paid either in cash or card.


The CQC Disclosure and Barring Service Guidance document explains who needs to apply for a DBS check and how the process works (CQC June 2013)


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