Kingston and Richmond LMC

Members’ names and contact details

Chairman: Dr J Harris
Deputy Chairmen: Dr R Van Mellaerts (Kingston), Dr M Nunes (Richmond)

Constituency Representatives 2015 – 2019

Barnes Constituency (3 Seats)

Dr I Johnson, Sheen Lane Health Centre, Sheen Lane, East Sheen SW14 8LP Tel. 0208 876 4086
Dr A Palacci, Barnes Surgery, 22 Castlenau, Barnes, London SW13 9RU Tel. 0208 748 7574

Kingston & New Malden (6 Seats)

Dr J Benton, Canbury Medical Centre, 1 Elm Road, Kingston KT2 6HR Tel. 0208 547 4270
Dr J Harris, The Groves Medical Centre, 171 Clarence Ave, New Malden KT3 3TX Tel. 0208 336 6565
Dr A Hughes, West Barnes Surgery, 229 West Barnes Lane, New Malden KT3 6JD Tel. 0208 336 1773
Dr J Luckett, Holmwood Corner Surgery, 134 Malden Road, New Malden KT3 6DR Tel. 0208 942 0066
Dr R Van Mellaerts, Fairhill Medical Practice, 81 Kingston Hill, Kingston-upon-Thames KT2 7PX Tel. 0208 546 1407
Dr S Mukherjee, Manor Drive Medical Centre, 3 The Manor Drive, Worcester Park KT4 7LG Tel 0208 329 9920

Richmond Constituency (3 Seats)

Dr A Sayer, The Richmond Green Medical Centre, 19 The Green, Richmond TW9 1PX Tel. 0208 332 7515

Surbiton (5 seats)

Dr V Bal
Dr P Moore, Central Surgery, Surbiton Health Centre, Ewell Road, Surbiton KT6 6EZ Tel. 0208 399 6622
Dr P Smith, Churchill Medical Centre, Clifton Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT2 6PG Tel. 0203 727 2230
Dr J Syed, Kingsdowne Surgery, 34 Kingsdowne Road, Surbiton KT6 6LA Tel. 0208 399 9032
Dr M Wolfson, Claremont Medical Centre, 2a Glenbuck Road, Surbiton KT6 6BS Tel. 0208 399 3516

Twickenham  (7 Seats)

Dr J Bradley, Park Road Surgery, 37 Park Road , Teddington TW11 OAU Tel. 0208 977 5481
Dr A Kudra, Woodlawn Medical Centre, 19 Powdermill Lane, Whitton TW2 6EE Tel. 0208 894 4242
Dr G Lewis, Hampton Medical Centre, 49a Priory Road, Hampton TW12 2PB Tel. 0208 979 5150
Dr M Nunes, Hampton Medical Centre, 49a Priory Road, Hampton TW12 2PB Tel. 0208 979 5150
Dr B Paramothayan, Park Road, Surgery, 37 Park Road, Teddington TW11 0AU Tel. 0208 977 5481
Dr S Patel, Hampton Wick Surgery, 1 Upper Teddington Road, Hampton Wick, Kingston upon Thames KT1 4DL Tel 0208 977 2638

Co-opted members

Dr T Patel, Churchill Medical Centre, Clifton Road, Kingston, KT2 6PG

Dr M Jegasothy, Seymour House Surgery, 154 Sheen Road, Richmond, TW9 1UU  Tel. 0208 748 7574

Dr E Thorpe, Kingston Health Centre, 10 Skerne Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 5AD  Tel. 0208 5494747

Dr S Bali, Johnson & Partners, Sheen Lane HC, Sheen Lane, SW14 8LP


Dr Paul Cundy GPC Rep, 35a High Street, Wimbledon SW19 5BY 020 8946 4820

2019 Meetings:

Kingston and Richmond LMC:
January 22nd
March 26th
May 28th
July 23rd
September 24th
November 26th

Kingston & Richmond & Twickenham Liaison:
February 19th
April 23rd
June 18th
August 20th
October 15th
December 17th

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