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Surrey Sussex LMCs is a federation of the following Local Medical Committees:



East Sussex


West Sussex

How to apply to stand for your local LMC

Any GP working within a levy paying practice, whatever their contractual basis, may apply to their LMC to be nominated for election.


We are always pleased to receive applications from GPs who wish to become LMC Members and represent their GP colleagues.  Elections take place regularly under terms stipulated in the LMC Constitution.


Between elections, where there are vacancies on Committees, it may be possible to be co-opted.  To be co-opted, you need to be nominated by an LMC Member.  Co-option will be considered by the whole Committee and, if deemed appropriate, ratified.


Please contact the LMC Office for an LMC Member Recruitment Pack.


The Observer Scheme

The LMC has an established scheme to enable local General PRactitioners and Practice Managers to attend, with an honorarium, one meeting of their Local Medical Committee.

Surrey and Sussex LMC Observer Scheme  (SSLMCs September 2017)

LMCs Travel and Honoraria



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