Performance Lists - Retirement

Dear Colleagues

Performers Lists – Retirement

Please notify PCSE and NHS England of any changes to your status, contact details, retirement etc, by completing and returning the relevant forms to PCSE. This is particularly important in the case of retirement, as without the NPL3 (Change of Status) form, NHSE have no option but to undertake a mandatory removal if they are notified that a doctor no longer has a licence to practice or is no longer registered with the GMC. This will mean that NHS England have to send you a letter notifying you of the statutory removal and copy this to statutory bodies, including the Secretary of State, Scottish Executive, Welsh Assembly, Northern Ireland Executive and the GMC.

Obviously this does increase the administration costs for NHS England and PCSE, and can be an unpleasant shock for you when you open a letter notifying you of a statutory removal. So it would be extremely helpful if you could complete the relevant form if you decide that you no longer wish to remain as an NHS GP .

Please use the following link for further details, or to download NPL forms:

Thank you very much, from your colleagues in the Medical Directorate - NHS England South East

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Updated on Friday, 27 July 2018


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