Diagnostic Spirometry in Adults

Diagnostic Spirometry in Adults (SSLMCs October 2017) The NHS is establishing a National Register of certified healthcare professionals to assure the competence of those who undertake and interpret diagnostic spirometry which will be used to ensure spirometry testing meets the standards of the...

Equality - Responsibilities

The Equality Act 20130 came into force on 1 October 2010. Its purpose was to consolidate a number of Acts and Regulations previously forming the basis of anti-discriminatory law in Great Britain. It mirrors the European Union Equality Treatment Directives and requires equal treatment in...

GP Study Days


Hypertension educational events Dear colleague, I am delighted to invite you to two educational talks on hypertension by Dr Mike Okorie, Consultant Physician and Associate Medical Director for Medicines Safety & Prescribing at BSUH. Mike is Chair of the British and Irish Hypertension Society...

New to Partnership Development Programme

New to Partnership Scheme

New to Partnership Scheme Payment Application Form New to Partnership (1) New to Partnership (2)