Prescribing and Dispensing

NHSE Proposals to issue new guidance  (NHSE April 2017)

Consultation on items routinely prescribed (NHSE August 2017)

The advice on the use of Patient Group Directions (PGDs) and Patient Specific Directions (PSDs) in general practice takes into account the latest guidance published by NICE

Prescription direction occurs where a patient is being directed by their GP practice to a certain pharmacy to have their prescription dispensed.  The BMA and PSNC advice (October 2013) is that such action is against good practice.

Prescribing - Excessive Prescribing (March 2013)

The guidance Prescribing - Prescribing in General Practice (May 2013) contains FAQs on prescribing of use to doctors as well as answering general issues around prescribing when dealing with queries from patients.

Repeat Dispensing : Guidance for Implementation (BMA/PSNC/NHSE) - December 2013

End of Life Care - Anticipatory Prescribing - April 2012


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