2019/20 Seasonal Influenza Programme - Update

Update Seasonal Influenza Programme LMC 25.1.19 Public Health England Public Health England January 2019 Attached is an update letter on the vaccines for the 2019/20 programme. This is accompanied by the updated letter from Public Health England in relation to the 2019/20 influenza programme.

Adjuvanted Trivalent Flu Vaccine orders for 2018 - 19 season

Adjuvanted Trivalent Flu Vaccine orders for 2018 - 19 season (LMC February 2018)

Arrangements for management of localised comunity outbreaks of Influenza

Arrangements for management of localised community outbreaks of influenza (LMCs January 2018) NHSE Guidance for localised community outbreaks of Influenza (NHSE November 2017) Draft Specifications - Anti-virals for localised flu outbreaks

COVID-19 Changes in Community Pharmacy SOPs and pharmacy contact details

Changes in Community Pharmacy Standard Operating Procedures Community Pharmacy Details - Surrey Community Pharmacy Details - Sussex

EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)

The EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) has been introduced across the European Union to address the increasingly common issue of falsified medicines entering the legitimate medicines supply chain. Falsified medicines include those with little or no active ingredients, the wrong active...

Further guidance for 2018/19 Flu Season (25th September 2018)

The LMC letter provides further guidance on the 2018/19 flu season; the first part of this letter assumes you have been notified that your influenza vaccine supplies have been confirmed, noting that your practice’s Fluad vaccines order will be suppled in a phased way: 40% in September, 20% in...

Further Update: Seasonal Flu Immunisation Programme 2018/19 (26th September 2018)

Following on from my advice letter sent to practices yesterday, NHS England has now sent out further guidance which I enclose. To avoid particularly Practice Manager colleagues suffering a conniption, please note now this does not contradict or alter the LMC guidance, but provides further advice...

GP Contract Agreement 2019 Update Miscellaneous Contract Changes

Miscellaneous Contract Changes SSLMCs February 2019

Important Update - Flu Immunisation Season 2018/19

I am writing to colleagues to draw attention to an important update from Public Health England. There is now an opportunity to order additional aTIV [Fluad] if further practice stocks are required; please see the attached Seqirus order form. Before this opportunity was available, colleagues...

LMC Weekly update from GPCplus a supply update

Attached is a weekly update from the GPC along with a supply update. GPC Weekly update to LMCs with a supply update

Medicine Supply Update - August

Supply issues update for primary care August 2018 (w/c 20 August) This report has been produced by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) Medicine Supply team, for the PRESCQIPP network to provide an update on current primary care medicine supplies issues that we are working on. Please...

Medicine Supply Update - November/December 2018

Medicine Supply Update - November/December 2018 This report has been produced by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) Medicine Supply Team and covers new issues, on-going issues, eye drops/treatments, resolved issues, vaccines and discontinuations.

Medicines Supply Issues Update - February/March

Medicine Supply Issues Department of Health and Social Care (February 2019)

Medicines supply update letter - January 2019

Below is an update on the work on the continuity of supply of medicines as part of the Government’s contingency preparations for a ‘no deal’ EU exit. As you know, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has been leading contingency planning and work is well advanced across all sectors of...

NHS England Guidance re Over the Counter Items - Guidance for CCGs

NHS England Guidance for over the counter items (SSLMCs April 2018)

NHSE Guidance re conditions for which OTC items should not be prescribed in primary care

Guidance re OTC prescribing in Primary Care (Surrey & Sussex LMCs April 2018) Conditions for which OTC items should not routinely be prescribed (Surrey & Sussex LMCs April 2018)

Prescribing and Dispensing

NHSE Proposals to issue new guidance &nbsp(NHSE April 2017) Consultation on items routinely prescribed&nbsp(NHSE August 2017) The advice on the use of Patient Group Directions (PGDs) and Patient Specific Directions (PSDs) in general practice takes into account the latest guidance published by...

Season Flu Programme 2018 - 19 Update: Update

Season flu programme 2018 - 19 update (LMC November 2018) Gateway Letter (Public Health England November 2018 - Vaccines for 2019 - 20 seasonal flu programme)

Supply issues update for Primary Care - September 2018 & EpiPen Supply Alert

Supply issues update for Primary Care for July 2018