Clinical Commissioning Groups - Constitutions

All CCGs are required to have in place constitutions defining their governance and operating policies. These constitutions are important in establishing a genuine and collaborative engagement with practices. GP practices should ensure that the CCG constitution: contains a commitment for...


Clinical Commissioning Groups have been invited to take on an increased role in the commissioning of GP services through three co-commissioning models: Greater involvement – closer collaboration with local NHS England teams in decisions about primary care services to ensure healthcare...

Collaborative GP Networks and Federations

Increasingly GP practices are considering the benefits of working collaboratively with neighbouring and other GP practices, with a view to sharing expertise, costs and resources, etc. GP practices should always seek their own legal and financial advice about their individual circumstances...

COVID -19 Financial Considerations in relation to the 2020/21 GP Contract Agreement

Financial Considerations in relation to the 20/21 GP Contract Agreement PCN Scenario Dear Colleagues Please find a letter from the LMC containing the link to the GMS Ready Reckoner developed by the GPC in collaboration with NHS England to enable GP practices to better understand the...

Expectations in relation to Care and Extended Hours and the reasonable needs of patients

Care and Extended Hours (LMC June 2018)

GP Contract Agreement 2019 Update Integrating Urgent Care Services

Integrating Urgent Care Services SSLMCs February 2019

GP Forward View

PCN DES Update 0623

PCN DES Update 0623