Clinical Commissioning Groups have been invited to take on an increased role in the commissioning of GP services through three co-commissioning models:

Greater involvement – closer collaboration with local NHS England teams in decisions about primary care services to ensure healthcare services are strategically aligned across the local area.

Joint commissioning – enabling one or more CCGs to jointly commission general practice services with NHS England through a joint committee.

Delegated commissioning – offering an opportunity for CCGs to assume full responsibility for the commissioning of general practice services.

CCGs are not required to formally submit an application nationally for joint commissioning arrangements. Interested CCGs will be discussing requirements with their NHS England team and completing the necessary joint commissioning pro forma.  The next ‘go live’ dates for assuming joint commissioning arrangements are:

The closing date for CCGs to submit applications to assume delegated responsibility from 1 April 2016 was Friday 6 November 2015.


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