IT/Data Collection/On-line Consultation

Care.Data Programme

The Health and Social Care Act 2012, empowers NHS England to direct the Health and Social Care Information Centre to collect information from all providers of NHS care, including general practices. Under the Programme, GP information is to be extracted via the General Practice...

Central Alerting System : Use of Docman 7 with Electronic Data Transfer enabled

The attached guidance outlines the problems identified if a practice is currently or in the past have:- Used NHS Mail to receive communications Used Docman Version 7 Had the EDT function enabled to transfer documents into the patients electronic records. Use of Docman 7 with electronic data...

Digital First Consultation outcome and on-line consultation support

Letter from LMC to highlight recent developments in the Digital First Consultation outcome and on-line consultation support. Digital First Consultation

Electronic Referral Service (eRS) Update

Dear Colleagues Please find attached an information letter form the LMC providing an update on the Electronic Referral Service. Electronic Referral Service Update (LMC 23.4.18)

Frailty Batch-Coding

Frailty - Batch-coding (SSLMCs October 2017)

GP Contract Agreement 2019 Update IT/ 'Digital First'

GP Contract Agreement 2019 Update IT/ 'Digital First' SSLMCs February 2019

GPC Update to LMCs - May 2019

Health Records - Online Access by Children

GMS/PMS Regulations and guidance do not make any reference to an age at which patients become eligible or entitled to view their own records independently. However, it is generally accepted that: 'Fraser/Gillick-competent' children are entitled to access their medical records (or authorise...

Health Records – Online/Electronic Access

Online access by patients Online access to health records by patients appears to have much wider associated risks and potential workload for practices than the transactional on-line services of appointment booking and prescription ordering. NHS England has confirmed that practices are not...

Important message for Vision Practices Only

Dear Colleagues Important message for Vision Practices only. I enclose two important messages for Vision practices relating to automatic submissions via GPES using the SNOMED CT codes, which are being used within NHS Primary Care from April 2018. Vision practices have two options, details of...

Individual GP Level Data Collection via CQRS

GP Level Data Collection via CQRS (SSLMCs October 2017)

IT Systems

TPP SystmOne - statement by the Info Commissioner&nbsp(SSLMCs March 2017) TPP SystmOne FAQs for GP Practices&nbsp(BMA March 2017) New IT requirements of the GP Contract in England (GPC March 2015) A guide to GP Systems of Choice (2008) &nbsp

National Data Opt Out

National Data Opt Out (LMC May 2018)

NHS Cervical SCreening Programme: National Ceasing Audit

NHS Cervical Screening Programme: National Ceasing Audit

Standardised GP Appointment Categories

Standardised GP Appointment Categories