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2019/20 Seasonal Influenza Programme - Update

Adjuvanted Trivalent Flu Vaccine orders for 2018 - 19 season

Arrangements for management of localised comunity outbreaks of Influenza

Flu season 2018/19

Further guidance for 2018/19 Flu Season (25th September 2018)

Further Update: Seasonal Flu Immunisation Programme 2018/19 (26th September 2018)

GP Contract Agreement 2019 Update Miscellaneous Contract Changes

GPC Update to LMCs - May 2019

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Important Update - Flu Immunisation Season 2018/19

Medicine Supply Update - November/December 2018

Medicines Supply Issues Update - February/March

Quadrivalent Flu Vaccines

Season Flu Programme 2018 - 19 Update: Update

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Seasonal Flu Programme 2018/19 Update

Supply issues update for Primary Care - September 2018 & EpiPen Supply Alert

URGENT ADVICE: Indemnity Arrangements in relation to paid-for (Private) Travel Vaccinations delivered by GP practice staff

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