Vaccinations and Immunisations

Contractual Arrangements for Childhood Vaccination and Immunisation targets for 2021/22

Contractual Arrangements for Childhood V&I targets 2021/22 Letter dated March 2021

GPC Update to LMCs - May 2019

Hepatitis B Vaccines

Medicine Supply Update - November/December 2018

Medicine Supply Update - November/December 2018 This report has been produced by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) Medicine Supply Team and covers new issues, on-going issues, eye drops/treatments, resolved issues, vaccines and discontinuations.

Medicines Supply Issues Update - February/March

Medicine Supply Issues Department of Health and Social Care (February 2019)

MMR Staff Vaccinations

To all practices Surrey and Sussex LMCs Dear Colleagues, MMR Vaccinations for Practice Staff I am writing as NHS England have provided the following advice to Public Health and ICBs in relation to the Vaccination of practice staff. NHS England has advised that it will accept the...

Personalised Care Adjustment (PCA) VI001, VI002 and VI003 (2024/25)

Dear Colleagues, I have been asked for clarification regarding the application of Personalised Care Adjustments (PCA) for Childhood Immunisations apply for VI001, VI002 and VI003. My understanding is this exemption applies for childhood immunisations VI001, VI002, and VI003. It is based on...

Supply issues update for Primary Care - September 2018; EpiPen Supply Alert