National Policies/Procedures

Equality - Responsibilities

The Equality Act 20130 came into force on 1 October 2010. Its purpose was to consolidate a number of Acts and Regulations previously forming the basis of anti-discriminatory law in Great Britain. It mirrors the European Union Equality Treatment Directives and requires equal treatment in...

EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)

The EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) has been introduced across the European Union to address the increasingly common issue of falsified medicines entering the legitimate medicines supply chain. Falsified medicines include those with little or no active ingredients, the wrong active...

NHS Cervical SCreening Programme: National Ceasing Audit

NHS Cervical Screening Programme: National Ceasing Audit

PCSE Bulletin - June 2019

The PCSE June GP Bulletin contains information on the following:- PCSE Bulletin - June 2019 PCSE Registration Guide Patient registrations Returning supplies GP Pensions update Transfer of the Cervical Screening Administration Service to the NHS Customer Feedback Contacting PCSE

PCSE February GP Bulletin - Pension Special Bulletin

Attached is the PCSE February GP Bulletin which covers:- End of year pension arrangements - Deadline approaching Type 2 Medical Practitioner 'Amnesty Form' and historical certificates for GP Providers (Type 1) and non GP Providers PCSE GP February Bulletin PCSE February

Primary Care Support England - Medical Records Phase 3 Records Roll Out

FYI I attached the latest PCSE releases on the roll-out of the long awaited new medical records collection and delivery process. Phase 3 coverage includes London and the East of England GPs. Go Live Letter (PCSE November 2017) PCSE New Process (PCSE November 2017) Timetable for roll out...

Primary Care Support England - Updates 2016 and 2017

As the service provided by Primary Care Support England has developed regular updates have been received and are attached below:- Updates received 2017 PCSE Update - November GP Payments and Pension administration - October Administration and Changes to the National Performers Lists -...

Primary Care Support England - Year End Pension Communication

Pensions Admin Letter PCSE January 2019 Pension Admin Guidance Flyer PCSE January 2019 Important update for practitioners and GP practices regarding pension administration Dear Colleague, Annual end of year pension administration Annual pension forms should be available to download from...

Primary Care Support England GP Update - September 2018

Special Allocation Scheme (SAS) - Removal of violent or aggressive patients from practice lists

Removal of violent or aggressive patients from practice lists to the Sepcial Allocation Scheme (SAS) To request the immediate removal of a violent or aggressive patient from the practice list, practices should refer to the guidance found here: Patient removals | PCSE ( The...

Standardised GP Appointment Categories

Standardised GP Appointment Categories