GP Indemnity Arrangements - Update

GP Indemnity Arrangements LMC January 2019 This is an interim update for all GP practices in relation to indemnity arrangements; the Secretary of State continues to assure General Practitioner Committee representatives that the Government remains committed to introducing a State backed...

Indemnity in General Practice

Indemnity in General Practice (SSLMCs October 2017) Indemnity Leaflet (Dept. of Health October 2017)

Indemnity Insurance - Update

Attached is a letter from Dr Parker regarding the recent developments in GP Indemnity since the announcement by the Secretary of State that the Government would introduce a state-backed indemnity scheme over the next 12 to 18 months. Update - Indemnity Insurance (SSLMCs October 2017)

URGENT ADVICE: Indemnity Arrangements in relation to paid-for (Private) Travel Vaccinations delivered by GP practice staff

Indemnity Arrangements in relation to private travel vaccinations The LMC advice letter informs practices of the change in NHS Resolutions Indemnity arrangements under the Central Negligence Scheme for General Practice (CNSGP) in relation to the supply and administration of paid-for travel...