Certificates and Reports

BMA Updated Guidance on Access to Medical Records to include SARs requests

Access to Medical Records to include SARs requests (BMA Guidance Update October 2018) This guidance sets out a range of circumstances in which health professionals may receive, and respond to, requests for access to health records. It reflects the common enquiries received by the BMA. The...

Certificates for School Absences and Missing Exams

GPs are not contractually obliged to provide a sick note for pupils who are off sick from school, nor are they obliged to provide sickness certification for students who miss an exam or believe their performance was affected due to illness. The provision of medical certificates for...

Chief Executive's Report - 2014/01 - January/February 2014

Chief Executive's Report - 2014/02- March/April 2014

Chief Executive's Report - 2014/03 - May/June 2014

Chief Executive's Report 2017/02 - March/April 2017

Chief Executive's Report 2017/03 May/June 2017

Chief Executive's Report 2017/04 July/Aug 2017

Debt and Mental Health Form (DMHEF)

A new Debt and Mental Health From has been introduced from 1st October to enable patients who need evidence of a mental health condition as part of seeking help with their finances. Detailed guidance is available on the Money Advice Trust Website and attached is a letter providing a summary for...

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS)

Two Supreme Court judgements made in March 2014 significantly increasing understanding of what, legally, constituted the deprivation of a person's liberty. As a result, since Coroners are required to be informed of and/or hold an inquest into any death whilst in custody or in detention...

Firearms Licensing Arrangements

Firearms Licensing Arrangements01117 Firearms MoU (18.7.19) gp-proforma Attached is an advice letter from Dr Parker which highlights the new arrangements for firearms licensing. The letter contains a number of background references.

LMC Firearms Licensing - Update Guidance

LMC Update on the Firearms Licensing process following receipt of the BMA updated guidance with a template practice response letter.. Firearms Licensing Template Letter

Medical Examiner and Medical Certification of Cause of Death [MCCD]

Written: 24th January 2024 Medical Examiner and Medical Certificate of Cause of Death [MCCD] I am writing to all colleagues to highlight the impending intended statutory implementation of Medical Examiner scrutiny of non-coronial deaths in the Community. This process was supposed to be...