Health Records - Summary Care Records (SCRs)

Summary Care Record Factsheet - The SCR is a secure, electronic patient record that contains key information derived from patients’ detailed GP records.

Clinical use of the Summary Care Record – provides key clinical information to health professionals in emergency and unplanned care scenarios, where such information would otherwise be unavailable.


Communicating with your Patients - GP practices must ensure new patients are properly informed about Summary Care Records, even if you believe they will have been contacted by their previous practice.


CQC GP Mythbusting - SCR (CQC October 2015)


Creating and Maintaining Summary Care Records - SCRs will contain essential health information about any medicines, allergies and adverse reactions derived from a patient's GP record.  This link takes you to pages containing information on how GP practices can create and maintain patients' SCRs.


Enriching SCRs with Additional Information - A simple and more efficient way to update SCRs with a set of additional information from a patient’s GP record is now available to over 85% of GP practices, and this is expected to rise to more than 97% by the end of 2015.



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