Friends and Family Test (FFT)

The FFT is a feedback tool available to all patients who use practice services   it is based on one primary question, that is, whether people would recommend the service they have used.  At least one further, locally chosen, question must be asked.  Feedback is anonymous and there is the option to provide a free-text response.  The primary question result only, and any free text responses must be submitted to NHS England on a monthly basis, and the practice is also expected to publish the results locally, although it can choose how to do so. 

The friends and family test became a contractual requirement for GP practices on 1 December 2014.

Practices are required to: 

Surrey and Sussex LMC, in collaboration with iWantGreatCare, is promoting the iWantGreatCare GP Practice Patient Experience Solution.  When completing the online FFT, patients will be offered the option of completing an iWGC feedback on one or more doctors in the practice, based on a recent interaction.  This feedback, which is not part of the NHS England submission. is an important source of information for GP colleagues in terms of professional reflection and appraisal.  iWGC has been promoting this system for several years, with very positive feedback, for further information please see here.  iWGC will also report and moderate patient FFT feedback, including the additional questions asked, on its website and practices can comment on the feedback that has been received, in a process analogous to the NHS Choices website.  The online iWGC GP Surgery Solution is completely free of charge for three years. 


Further guidance:


Friends and Family Test in General Practice - Data Submission Guidance (BMA/NHSE November 2015)

FAQs for the friends and family test (NHSE October 2015)

Friends and family test in GP practices - summary of the guidance (NHSE July 2014)

Friends and Family Test in General Practice (BMA/NHSE July 2014)


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