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  1. Continuation of the NHS SMS Text Messaging Service (SSLMCs letter June 2015)
  2. NHS England - Primary Care Services Procurement - Update (SSLMCs letter June 2015)
  3. NHS eReferral Service (SSLMCs letter June 2015)
  4. QOF Changes 2015/16 (SSLMCs letter May 2015)
  5. QOF 2014/15 Year End EMIS Data Issues (SSLMCs letter April 2015)
  6. Your GP Cares - Show you care, join the campaign.


SSLMCs Conference

The next Annual SSLMCs Conference will be held on Tuesday, 20 October 2015 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Crawley, West Sussex.  Further details to follow.







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LMC Buying Groups

The LMC Buying Groups Federation offers an extensive range of products and services for GP practices on which excellent discounts are available to member GP practices.  A list of the Buying Groups’ suppliers is available here.

At a time when practices will be seeking to achieve savings wherever possible, if you are not already a member, now is the time to register.  Membership is free for all GP practices which pay their LMC levy.  To find out more about the Buying Group and how to register, go to the LMCs Buying Group website.

Care Quality Commission - July 2015 Workshops Presentations : here

Understanding Practice Payments - January 2015 Workshops Presentations : here











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