Seasonal Flu Planning Guide (No. 1 - 6th August 2020)


This guide has been produced to assist practices when planning the operational aspects of their FLU delivery programme 2020/21. It should be read in conjunction with the references and reading guidance at the end of the document. In particular, practices are encouraged to read the Department of Health Commentary on this year’s flu season to include the most recent update letter (04 Aug), in order to understand the planned expansion of the programme this year and to be aware of the contractual changes that have taken place with regards to Immunisation and Vaccination programmes as these form the parameters around which the programme will be delivered.

Please note that at the time of this release there is an absence of comprehensive central governance on several issues including:

Access to additional vaccine supplies

Patient cohort prioritisation

Definitive PPE guidance

Funding for the additional costs arising from the expanded programme

As and when this information becomes available, the guide will be updated.

Seasonal Flu Planning Guide

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Updated on Thursday, 13 August 2020