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Dear Colleagues,

So that you are aware of the next tasks re seasonal flu, please see below email sent to CCGs yesterday regarding Fluad.

Included were the following documents:

A similar exercise is being undertaken with community pharmacies.


Dear Colleague,

Thank you for your continued support during the flu season.

As you will be aware, the third scheduled delivery to practices of aTIV flu vaccines for the 65 and over co-hort has now taken place and practices have been running flu clinics. Seqirus has confirmed that over 90% of aTIV Fluad stock has now been distributed to pharmacies, practices and distributors.

Attached is the week 45 data that identifies the level of vaccination that has taken place in your CCGs to date, what stocks of aTIV each practice received and includes information regarding practices that may have available stock. Week 45 data suggests that the immunisation rates are improving and getting closer to the 2017/18 levels. Our screening and immunisation teams have been using the weekly data to monitor uptake and to help those practices that needed additional doses of vaccine during the last few weeks to order it from Seqirus. GP practices should be encouraged to ensure patients whose flu immunisations have been delayed are now aware of the availability of vaccines following the recent final aTIV delivery from the supplier. Community pharmacies will also be receiving their final 40% tranche of Fluad.

Now that the third scheduled delivery has taken place, the national flu team is asking local systems to establish what stock of Fluad remains available, once practices have completed their vaccination schedule. Any spare stock should then be shared with other local practices that still have patients to vaccinate.

In addition, the national flu team have also issued initial guidance for practices and pharmacies about flu vaccines for the 19/20 flu season. Please can this be cascaded at the same time to GP practices. The NHSE pharmacy team will cascade to community pharmacies.

As per flu operating protocol, the national ask is that CCGs now

ask practices for their stock information

co-ordinate the local re-allocation of unused aTIV

advise practices that they should not return unused aTIV stock to the manufacturer before checking with the CCG flu lead whether that stock is needed in the local system. Practices have until February to return unused stock to Seqirus

Plus attach the national flu letter re choice of vaccines for 19/20 flu season

The attached data will help with this process. We have also drafted an email – attached - that you may want to use for this purpose.

Please can you confirm by close of play Thursday 22nd November that you have cascaded this information to your practices, so that the national team can be assured that the actions have been undertaken.

If you have any queries, please do contact either myself or the SIT team.

Kind regards,

Dawn Hollis

Public Health Commissioning Manager

NHS England South East (Kent, Surrey and Sussex)

Wharf House, Tonbridge

Kent, TN9 1RE

Email: Draft email that CCGs could use

Mobile: 07896 504117


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