Medicines Supply Factsheet

Medicines Supply Factsheet (LMC & LPC February 2018)

Dear colleagues

I would like to thank East Sussex Local Pharmaceutical Committee’s retiring Chief Executive, Vanessa Taylor, for preparing the information sheet on which this letter to practices is based; I have adapted it slightly to remove specific issues of relevance to Community Pharmacy colleagues only.

Many GP colleagues will have experienced the difficulties associated with a medication supply problem and if your perception is this is happening more frequently then, for the reasons explained in this advice, you are correct. Supply problems also cause professional difficulties for Pharmacy colleagues and, unlike GPs, also have a financial impact.

Medicines supply is becoming increasingly globalised and the range of potential disruptors is increasing; I hope this background will be of interest to colleagues.

With best wishes

Dr Julius Parker

LMC Chief Executive

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Updated on 01 March 2018