Further guidance for 2018/19 Flu Season (25th September 2018)

The LMC letter provides further guidance on the 2018/19 flu season; the first part of this letter assumes you have been notified that your influenza vaccine supplies have been confirmed, noting that your practice’s Fluad vaccines order will be suppled in a phased way: 40% in September, 20% in October, and 40% in November. Community Pharmacy supplies of Fluad are being phased in the same proportions. There are no problems with supply volumes of Quadrivalent vaccine (QV) but there have been some localised delivery delays

The second part of the letter offers guidance if your practice does not have confirmed orders for flu vaccines: if this applies to your practice, please advise both the NHS England/your CCG and the LMC, if you have not already done so.

Further guidance for 2018/19 Flu Season

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Updated on 23 October 2019