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Meeting dates for 2017

Surrey LMC:
February 3rd
April 7th
June 2nd
August 4th
October 6th
December 1st


East Surrey - February 8th, April 12th, June 14th, August 9th, October 11th, December 13th
Guildford & Waverley - January 26th, March 23rd, May 25, July 27th, September 28th, November 23rd
North West Surrey - January 4th, March 8th, May 3rd, July 5th, September 6th, November 1st
Surrey Downs - January 25th, March 22nd, May 24th, July 26th, September 27th, November 22nd
Surrey Heath - January 13th, March 10th, May 12th, July 14th, September 8th, November 10th


Links to Clinical Commissioning Groups:

East Surrey
Guildford and Waverley
North West Surrey
Surrey Downs
Surrey Heath


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Hot topics

  1. CQC Fees 2017/18 (SSLMCs letter November 2016)
  2. NHS England Standard Hospital Contract Guidance (SSLMCs letter November 2016)
  3. Biannual Extended Access Mandatory Data Collection (SSLMCs letter September 2016)(NHSE Guidance September 2016)
  4. Doctors Retainer Scheme (SSLMCs letter September 2016) (NHSHEE letter September 2016)
  5. Firearms Licensing Process - Update (SSLMCs letter September 2016)
  6. Urgent prescription for General Practice - NHS GP services are under threat. Support the BMA’s urgent prescription for general practice #gpincrisis (BMA February 2016)


Joint SSLMCs/Syder & Young 2016/17 training programme for practice managers and non-clinical staff.

Surrey and Sussex LMCs, in partnership with Syder and Young Ltd, are delighted to announce a comprehensive programme of training for General Practice practice managers and non-clinical staff to run during 2016/17.

For more information and how to book, go to our Events page.